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2018 Oct 31PreComp 0.4.7dev ('PDF, JPG, MP3, PNG, Installer.. chart)
2018 Oct 31PAQ8px_v140 ('PDF, JPG, MP3, PNG, Installer.. chart)
2018 Oct 31PAQ8pxd_v47 ('PDF, JPG, MP3, PNG, Installer.. chart)
2018 Oct 31added new website

Welcome to my lossless file compression benchmark.

We all do daily save data – no matter if photographs, music, programs, games, texts or backups of mobile devices. To save space and to prevent data losses, those data is stored in archives.

But which program is best in keeping my data smaller? My holiday photographs? And the songs of my MP3-Player? Which archiving tool is best for which data types? How does my current tool score? How about alternatives? And what about compression and decompression timings?

This site gives answers to all these questions.


Back in 1985 the first archiving tool was born: „SQPC file squeezer“. Today hundreds of programs do exist, most of them advertising more safety, more speed and better compression than all other competitors and alternatives.

But can we trust commercials? We prefer to test. All archivers have to run over the the same test data and are rated by the size of the resulting archives. In the main test we have 9 testsets. The smaller the archives the higher the archiver climbs up the charts. Also the time needed to backup („compress“) and restore („decompress“) is reported here. So this site is your guide before buying an archiving tool.

At the same time archiver-selling companies see how they compete to other; we can give inspiring ideas, make improvement suggestions and can help to design the future of data compression. And who knows — perhaps one day those programs can reach the performance of the biological archive idol — the genetic instruction sequence (D.N.A.).

You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?" (George Bernard Shaw, 1921)